Are you going to release new products?

Do you think about development and expansion market share?

Do you want to increase sales efficiently?

Do you intend to estimate market capabilities?

Do you want to plan the producing of the high-quality printing and POSM?

We can help you!

We are engaged in professional development and promotion of brands, creative and industrial design, corporate identity, labels and packaging, researches, marketing consulting, web-design, printing and producing POSM. Our customers are the best confirmation of our abilities. Our main goal is to increase your sales. Leave behind your competitors with our help!

last works

Elenpharm bath salt

AJAX Brandy

Crystal Ice pack

Rigogolo wine



In "Brand-expert" section we had published a new review devoted to sketches of a large national emblem of Ukraine. The results can be found here.

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The "FOOD UA" magazine № 8'2009 published an article by Oleg Sibiryakov "Path to the package", which describes the process of creating the package design.

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From 1 to 14 September, first specialized webcast "Marketing in the printing industry" is already held. Today, Oleg Sibiryakoм makes a presentation.

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