"Brand-examination" of a large Ukrainian national emblem

In "Brand-expert" section we had published a new review devoted to sketches of a large national emblem of Ukraine. The results can be found here.


The article The Path to the package in FOOD UA

The "FOOD UA" magazine № 8'2009 published an article by Oleg Sibiryakov "Path to the package", which describes the process of creating the package design.



From 1 to 14 September, first specialized webcast "Marketing in the printing industry" is already held. Today, Oleg Sibiryakoм makes a presentation.


Westa redesign in Brand-expert

In "Brand-expert" section, we had published a new review on the redesign of the brand "Westa". The results can be found here.


Chudo yogurt redesign

"Ledokol" successfully completed the redesign of labels for a series of yoghurt "Chudo" for Wimm-Bill-Dann company.


Pomidora spot

We have successfully completed the production of the next promotional spot for TM "Pomidora". The shooting took place in the Kherson region, Krivoy Rog and Dnepropetrovsk. Coming soon!


10 years of "Ledokol"!

We are pleased to announce: "Ledokol" was exactly 10 years! Accept your greetings by phone, fax, e-mail and in person!


Logo redesign for "Ukrtelekom"

Review of "Ukrtelekom" redesign was added in "Brand-expert". To view the results


Trends in packaging industry in crisis

Klimuk Vladimir and Oleg Sibiryakov have published the article "Trends in packaging industry during the crisis" in "FOOD.UA" journal. The text of the article


Telephone conversion

Because of Optima Telecom they delayed transfer of our city phone (056) 374-57-78. It promises that before the Aug. 12 phone will work.
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