Совместное Украинско-Израильское предприятие «Вельта – Косметик» работает с агентством «Ледокол» на протяжении 10 лет. За это время для нашего предприятия были успешно разработаны десятки дизайнов продуктов и рекламных материалов. Хочется отметить высокий профессионализм сотрудников агентства и индивидуальный подход к решению каждой из поставленных задач. Надеемся на дальнейшее долговременное сотрудничество.

Тамара Ермолинская заместитель директора по развитию УИ ООО СП «Вельта – Косметик»

Nowadays "Ledokol" is one of the leading Ukrainian companies in the field of design and corporate identity. Agency was founded in 1999 as a part of the printing house "Printed Yard." Oleg Sibiriakov is the founder and director of the agency. The office is located in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). In 2007, the agency restructured in company LEDOKOL / LOOK & BUY. Our official partners are printing houses "Printed Yard", "Genius Print" and the factory cartons "Lunapak”.
Initially, our company was specialized in graphic design (packaging, labels, promotional products), corporate identity, graphics and high quality promotional printing business. Gradually, we expanded our services to the advertising photography - in 2000; web-design - in 2002, branding, design and advertizing campaigns as well as the production of promotional video movies - in 2005, marketing research - in 2007.
At the moment, more than 100 companies representing various branches of industries - from food producers to financial institutions and multiples collaborate with "Ledokol" on an ongoing basis,. Many of our customers are the leaders in their industry branches. We have developed products for the Ukrainian, Russian, Egyptian, Polish and Austrian companies. A lot of our clients have cooperated with us more than 8 years.

Why do we call the Ledokol ("Icebreaker")?
We often have asked this question. We have two answers and they are connected with each other.
What is the icebreaker? That's right!, a means of promotion products. Suppose you need to bring a product from Murmansk to Japan. You have two ways. The first is across the Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean ... and so on (12 840 miles). The second is through the Northern Sea Route. Such way is much closer (5 770 miles) and faster, but require the assistance of Icebreaker. And while competitors are still dragging along though the vast of Indian Ocean, your products have already sold in Tokyo:)
And - a historical fact - the first for a Northern Sea Route navigation was the icebreaker Sibiryakov (named after a relative of the founder of "Ledokol").

Our Principles
The main principle of "Icebreaker": our work must always be profitable for our customers. This purpose is the goal of our existion.
Our mission is to make the world a better by creating products of superior quality. We always try to give more than paid for.
Our pricing policy: a good work should be adequately paid.
We respect the rights of others and protect the ours one.
Next: We are not affiliated with the companies and individuals whose activities are illegal or could damage our reputation, with radical political or religious organizations, producers of pornography and counterfeit products. Please treat this with understanding.

Work experience
At the present time in our portfolio we have more than 3000 projects and works.
The our staff has sufficiently great experience to cope with the task of any complexity. We have won wined a lot of tenders, including from the agencies of international fame thanks to the experience and creativity of our employees, work in creative teams, as well as a huge base of experience and technological know-how. Almost 10 years you have seen our works at the stores, on board, at the Internet and so on.
A bit of facts:
The first commercial logo was developed by Oleg Sibiriakov in 1992, the first brand book-book - in the 1995-m. The first 30-second animated movy with frame animation (Printed yard) was created by our team in 1999.
We won our first award for shampoo Velt in 2000. The first international award - a special diploma Postal Austria - was for "Ticket to the Moon" in 2006.
Each year several of our staff take part in training, master classes and seminars from leading European, American, Japanese or Israeli designers, advertisers and marketers. Two people Of the ten, who completed the first official training ArtPro and Nexus from Artwork Systems (Belgium), two were the members of "Ledokol".
During 10 years we have working with "Velt-cosmetics”, during 8 years - FANNI trade mark. During 6 – with factory cartons "Lunapak”.

"Ledokol" is constantly improving level of service and expanding the range of its services.


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