Developing a brand (trade mark) «turnkey». Naming (name development), design, corporate identification, brendbooks, gidelines, subbrands. Correction or refinement of the brand. Rebranding, redesign, restyling.
Design of the world level. Label design, packaging, all promotion materials.
Industrial design. Packaging design of any complexity. The development of exclusive packaging.
Illustrations and photographs. High-exclusive copyrights illustrate of various styles and directions.
Assistance in working with licensed images and stocks. Testing of design.
Prototype supervision (print edition, manufacture of promosampes, etc.).
Prepress for the non-standard print (heat shrinkable label, stereo vario-print, etc.).

Design and programming of sites of any complexity - from a site-presenters to the internet shop. Convenient and efficient systems of site management. Using the most modern technology. Support and filling the site. Site synchronization with business processes. Registration, hosting.

Offset printing (packaging, labels, calendars, posters, leaflets, books, pamphlets, etc.).
Quick printing (digital printing).
Silk-screen printing.
Production of standard and non-standard POS materials (wobblers, price tags, shelf talker, Mobiles, tubes, plaster casts, cuffs, etc.).
Production of packets and souvenirs.
Non-standard forms of print (heat shrinkable label, stereo vario-print, etc.).

Marketing research
A wide range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research.
Surveys, focus groups, depth interviews, tests, expert evaluation, MSM, etc.
Testing of the product.
Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising.

Strategies for promotion and advertising campaigns
Product positioning.
Develop strategies for promoting brands.
Media planning.

Exterior and interior design advertising
Production of external and internal structures of all sizes and complexity.
Branding vehicles (cars, trucks, truck, etc.).
Manufacturing and design of stands.

Placement in MSM
Television, radio, print, outdoor advertising.

Marketing, advertising and design-consulting.font>

Promotions, BTL
Sales promotions on a turnkey basis. Planning, conducting.
The organization of festive and promotional activities.

Registration of copyright (signs, slogans, etc.) or assistance in registering.

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